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Enrichment Classes announced for Winter Intersession

                                  REGISTRATION FORMS DUE FRIDAY, DECEMBER 8


    Bardstown City Schools winter enrichment classes will take place on Wednesday, December 20 from 8:30-3:00 and Thursday, December 21 from 8:30 to 3:00. Please note days, class times, and costs in the descriptions below. All classes

    will be filled in the order in which registrations are received. Please complete the registration form included and have your child return it along with any fees to his or her school office as soon as possible. See class descriptions below. BUS TRANSPORTATION IS PROVIDED FOR ALL CLASSES.                                                                                                                                           

Important note for families who qualify for free/reduced lunch:  If your child qualifies for free or reduced lunch, he/she also qualifies for reduced tuition to attend an enrichment class during this winter intersession. Students qualifying for free or reduced lunch may attend at half the price included with the class description. Just divide fee by two. (Depending on participation and the availability of funding, this reduced rate may not be available for future intersessions.)  Please note your child’s eligibility for reduced tuition on the registration form. Email any questions to


                      “THE BEST CHRISTMAS STORIES EVER”              

 If you want to get into the Christmas spirit, then Ms. Grubbs has the class for you! This class will have lots of Christmas stories and holiday fun! We will be reading several different Christmas classics, such as The Polar Express, The Night Before Christmas, The Grinch, Frosty the Snowman, Frozen, and many more.  We’ll be engaged in activities to go along with each of our stories.  We’ll create some Christmas artwork and maybe make a few holiday treats to go with our stories. We will also paint the Grinch, make Olaf treats, and build ginger bread houses. We may be swept away to the North Pole where we will write a letter to the Grinch trying to convince him that he should love Christmas after all. If you love Christmas stories, this is the class for you!  

                                             Wednesday 8:30-3:00   Thursday 8:30-3:00    Fee: $40     GR. K-3



Do you love physical activity?  Come join us for some active fun!  We will be going to Blue Ribbon Sports in the morning for some kids Fitnastics. This class will involve stretching, tumbling, trampoline, balance beam, jumping into the “pit” and more! Students will travel to Blue Ribbon Sports Complex in the mornings to jump, run, flip and spin.  In the afternoons, we will come back to school to play your favorite PE games.  We will be actively dancing, working out to music, and doing various activities to learn about staying healthy. Come join us to get active and get your body in the best shape you can!  



     Wednesday  8:30-3:00   Thursday  8:30-3:00     Fee $40   GRADES K-6


                              “IN THE CHRISTMAS KITCHEN”

Come and join Mrs. Mizutani as you will prepare for the beginning of a very happy holiday season!  We will be making and baking lots of yummy treats with a Christmas theme to get you started. We will use our math skills for measuring and mixing.  You will even get to design your own holiday-inspired apron.  We will make a cookbook of favorite easy holiday desserts!  If time allows, we might make a few more sweet surprises!!!  Maybe you can even take some of these goodies home to your family gatherings.  If you like to make scrumptious cookies, candies and other goodies, this is the class for you! 

Monday 8:30 – 3:00   Tuesday  8:30 – 3:00   Fee: $40     GRADES  3-6


                                             “FUN ON THE RUN”

Have you been aching to go swimming after the local pools have closed? If so, come and join Mrs. Fleming for some fabulous fall break ”fun on the run”! Both mornings we will be traveling to the Lebanon Aquatic Center in Lebanon, Kentucky for a splashin’ good time. After swimming the first day, we will travel to Keystone Cinemas in town to a holiday movie.  After swimming the second day, our fun will continue with outdoor play at Graham Memorial Park (where the Aquatic Center is located), and then back to school for some more physical activity!  Sign up now…space for this class is limited!

                                                             Wednesday  8:30-3:00   Thursday 8:30-3:00   Fee $40   Grades 3-6



Welcome to the wonderful world of witchcraft and wizardry!  Come join Ms. Candace for two full days of magic and fun.  Bardstown City Schools has teamed up with Hogwarts and now offers some of their amazing classes!  We will be engaged in some magical and mysterious experiments in Potions.  Then, there is Intro to Care of Magical Creatures, where you will create your own special pet to take home.    We will test our artistic side by drawing a portrait of everyone’s favorite elf, Dobby!  Divination and Astronomy are on the schedule as well.  Let’s look to the stars to find answers to our questions.  Lastly, if the weather permits, we will all play in a friendly game of QUIDDITCH!  If you’re a Harry Potter fan and you enjoy the world of wizardry….SIGN UP NOW!  

                                                                 Wednesday  8:30-3:00   Thursday   8:30-3:00   Fee $40   Grades 2-5



Is chocolate your favorite treat??? I know that it is mine.  Join Ms. Peake for some chocolaty activities you will never forget!   If you are interested in learning more about chocolate, making chocolate treats and projects, reading chocolate stories, and visiting a chocolate factory then this class is the one for you.  We will take a field trip to Rebecca-Ruth's Chocolate Factory where they have been making chocolate treats since 1919.  Then we will spend time learning how to cook with chocolate by each making our own chocolate treats.  We will also have fun with chocolate by making Edible Chocolate Play dough!   I would love to have you join me for 2 days of chocolaty fun. I can guarantee that we will have a good time and do some learning, too!  We are looking forward to this class and hope you are too!!!  NOTE: THIS FACTORY IS NOT ALLERGY FREE.

               Wednesday 8:30-3:00 Thursday 8:30-3:00  Fee: $40  Grades 3-6



No matter how much you love your “Elf on a Shelf”, it loves to cause TROUBLE!  Join Ms. Puckett’s class to celebrate our crazy elves this December and try to persuade them to be NICE and not so NAUGHTY!  Let’s make them some sweet treats, write them a kindness letter, play some elfin games, and finish up relaxing in our winter pajamas!   We are going to be engaged in lots of fun and hands on activities to help make our elves just a little bit NICER and sweeten them up a bit too!  This will definitely be two days of crazy Christmas fun!  Sign up now.  We know you’ll have a great time!   

                                    Wednesday 8:30-3:00   Thursday  8:30-3:00   Fee: $40  Grades 2-4



Are you a sports fanatic?  Maybe you are a multi-sport athlete, or want to further your knowledge and skills for a particular sport. Well…. we have a place for you! Come join Coach Taylor as we work on skills from multiple sports. We’re talking basketball, softball/baseball, soccer, and volleyball skills, ranging from shooting (basketball), throwing and hitting (softball/baseball), dribbling and passing (soccer), setting and passing (volleyball), and more!!! We will also focus on what it takes to be an overall athlete and represent the school name on your current or future jersey with style.

                              Wednesday 8:30-3:00   Thursday 8:30-3:00   Fee: $40  Gr. 3-6


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