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BCS preparing for Great American Eclipse

As you are all aware, Monday, August 21 is the day the US will experience a total eclipse of the sun and Bardstown City Schools is excited and making preparations! It is being referred to as the Great American Eclipse and the last time this occurred across the entire contiguous United States was in 1918.

This is an incredible educational opportunity for all of us, but especially our students. We wanted to share with you the district’s general plan for the day.

School will be in session and plans are being made at the schools to make this a safe, enjoyable, and educational day for our students. You will receive more information soon from your child’s school or teacher about their specific plans regarding the eclipse.

Date and time

Monday, August 21. For Bardstown, the eclipse will begin at 1:00pm and end at 3:53pm with the maximum amount of coverage of the sun by the moon to occur at 2:28pm. While we are not in the path of totality (complete coverage and total darkness), we will experience near total darkness for a brief time.

All outdoor activities not related to the eclipse such as recess or PE will be moved indoors from 12:30 pm until dismissal.

Dismissal times

In order to avoid dismissal right at the peak of the eclipse, all schools will dismiss 20 minutes later than usual. As you know, our busses make separate earlier runs for our younger students, then return to campus to pick up students at the middle and high schools. This means that busses will leave the Primary and Elementary schools at 2:50 pm and Middle and High School busses will leave their schools at 3:55 pm. Early Childhood morning session will operate on regular schedule, while afternoon busses will leave Early Childhood at 4:20 rather than their usual 4:00 pm.


Our primary concern is the safety of your child. The schools will be supplying all students, teachers, and staff in K – 12 who are in attendance that day with a pair of certified and approved viewing glasses. All students will be educated in the proper way to use the glasses.

Looking at the sun unprotected, regardless of how covered it is by the moon, can result in serious eye damage. Whether they will be at school, at home, or with another caregiver, we encourage you to talk to your child about the precautions that must be taken to ensure their safety.


Absences will be excused on Monday, August 21. Should you decide it best that your child not attend school that day or check out early, they will be counted as absent, but their absence will be excused.

Again, our goal is to use this incredible opportunity to educate our students and encourage their interest in our world and how our solar system works. We plan to also teach them the importance of safety and the precautions that need to be taken in order to enjoy and appreciate the experience.

Educational Resources

Regardless of whether your child is at school that day, we encourage you to use this opportunity to educate yourself and your children about the Great American Eclipse. There are numerous great resources you can access online, including:

There are also a number of apps for your smartphone that you might want to consider downloading. You can find those by just doing an eclipse search on your smartphone.