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What is empathy? How do we show respect for others?
Tattling versus Telling

Dear Parents and Guardians;
Tattling and Telling  do you know the difference in the two?  Tattling is  when you're upset at someone and are trying to get them into trouble. 
What is a report  when should we tell?   It is when  someone is hurting or may be hurting and your are trying  to help them a.k.a  get them out of trouble  Can you help your child with the difference?  

The Anatomy of a Tattle

It's about rules. Young kids tend to be very literal, as their cognitive development cannot recognize abstract reasoning yet, Dr. Balter says. This means that when they do catch on to how to follow rules, usually at around age 7, they expect those rules to be inflexible, and it feels personal to them when other kids abide by their own, or different, set of rules.

It's about attention or status. Often, a tattler is only looking to be noticed. If he's feeling left out or abandoned, he may tell on someone to build up his own status or to make other kids look bad so he can be favored.

It's about revenge. Most tattles are generally harmless, but occasionally a tattle can have a sinister root. "Sometimes it's not only about raising status, but the child wants to hurt the other person," Dr. Balter says. "A good way to get back at a kid who has hurt your feelings is to say something negative about [him], to get [him] in trouble."

It's about power. Some tattlers always want to be in charge. A tattler seeking power may likely have a strong-willed Type A personality and may want to put someone else in line.


Talk with your child about the difference ask them about our guidance lesson on Tattling .We will be talking about what is the dfference and what can we do to help understand the diffference in tattling versus reporting.  


Paula Stone, Guidance Counselor

Bardstown Primary School

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Bardstown, KY 40004
Phone 502- 331- 8810
Building leaders through
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